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A funeral is a means to recognize, rejoice and honor the life of a deceased person and also known as the memorial ceremony. A funeral consists of ceremonies and rituals honoring the loved one who passed away. This includes religious or non-religious procedures along with burial or cremation. A funeral is held not only to honor the life of the deceased person, but also to bring comfort to the people, such as family and friends who are grieving the loss. It brings the mourning people together and thus helps to ease their sadness and to share the nice memories of the person whom they have lost. Thus, the purpose of a funeral is to honor the loved one who passed away and to comfort the people grieving the loss.

The customs, rituals, and ceremonies performed in a funeral depend on the religion that the dead person belongs to. Every religion and ethnic group has its own means to remember the deceased person and pay their final respects to them. Though the non-religious ceremony does not have any precise tradition or any religious faiths attached to the funeral, they also follow some procedure to honor the loved one they have lost.

Funeral Preparations and Plans

Most people don’t even like to think, leave alone planning about their own funeral or the funeral of a loved one. This is because planning for a funeral means to acknowledge the death, which is scary for most of the people. Planning for a funeral either for yourself or for a loved one is always an emotional and exhausting process whether you plan for it at the time of death (at-need) or beforehand (preneed). This is a very personal process and the choices are based on religion followed by the individual, relationship with the deceased, final wishes of the deceased or your wishes for yourself after you die, social or economic standard and affordability.

One can plan for a funeral for self or for a loved one any time. But it is better to plan ahead rather at the time of the death. Why? Because there are a lot of advantages in planning for a funeral ahead. Planning for a funeral at the time of death is very difficult because of a couple of obvious reasons. Such as, very less time frame and all the family members and friends are emotionally stuck with grief. Also, when planned at the last moment people might also face financial constraints. It is also better to plan and research in advance to find out the funeral cars cost that would fit your budget. Though not mandatory, the funeral hearse cost is something to keep in mind while planning for a funeral.

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that handle the ceremony and other help available even online to plan for a ceremony well in advance. Planning for a ceremony in advance helps you to get what you want at the right price and peace of mind for yourself and your family. Funeral homes and cemeteries can assist you to preplan a funeral either for yourself or for your loved one. When we plan for so many celebrations in life well in advance, why to leave behind the ultimate and final celebration of your life unplanned?Funeral hearse

Types of Funeral Cars

Most of the time people think of only hearses when they think or hear about funeral cars. However in reality, actually there are many different types of funeral cars. Each of these cars has an exclusive job purpose. Let us see the types of funeral cars below.

First Call Vehicles

The purpose of the first call vehicle is to simply move the dead person from where the death occurred to the place where the funeral takes place. A work van has generally been used as a first call vehicle for many decades, but sometimes the funeral parlor may use an old hearse for this purpose.

Flower Cars

Flower cars were widely used a few decades ago as a part of the processions in funerals, but they are not in use today and can be seen only rarely these days. Design wise a flower car is comparable to a hearse, but it has an open back like a pickup van. Flower cars either carry only flowers with a hearse along to carry the box or they can carry both flowers and the deceased.

Combination Carsfuneral car

Combination cars served both as a hearse and ambulance in olden days. They are not used today because ambulances carry advanced medical equipment. Previously, the funeral manager used to run ambulance services for the town, and so combination cars were created to serve a dual purpose.

Funeral Hearse

The procession that carries the deceased person from the church (or any other religious worship place) or a funeral parlor for the funeral ceremony to a crematorium or cemetery using any motor vehicle is called funeral procession. In olden days, the deceased was carried by family members by foot for the final funeral ceremony. However, now this takes place using some form of motor vehicle. A funeral hearse is a vehicle that is used in a funeral procession in which a dead person is transported in a box. The funeral car used in the funeral procession is also called the funeral coach. The funeral hearse cost depends on the type of vehicle that is chosen for the service. These cars can range from some unknown car to customized high-end luxury vehicles. The funeral car hire cost plays a major part in the funeral expenditure. The extravagant cars that are used to carry the deceased in a box container during funerals are called hearses. In olden days, they were just carts drawn by a horse, but now they are customized modern cars. Hearses are actually available in different styles, sizes, and colors. But people mostly stick to traditional modest colors such as black, navy blue and grey.

hearseInitially, the funeral car was used for the funeral procession that was from the home of the deceased person to the church where the entombment took place. However, nowadays incineration or entombment doesn’t take place in the church in most of the cases. So, the actual funeral procession uses a motor vehicle to transport the deceased from the church to the cemetery or crematorium. If using a motorcycle, then the coffin holding the deceased will be carried in a sidecar or it will be a strike. The funeral hearse cost for a motorcycle again depends on the vehicle that is chosen. Usually, the funeral car hire cost will be comparatively more compared to the funeral hearse cost of using a motorcycle.

If there are financial constraints, then it is possible to reduce the overall funeral charge by omitting the funeral cars cost as this is not obligatory. Or, one could choose to use just one vehicle to carry the box-like container and pay only the funeral hearse cost and request the other guests to use their own transport rather than using a hearse, and one more limousine to transport the guests and thus add to the funeral car hire cost. Usually, the funeral parlor/ homes will have their own funeral coaches and limousines for rent. The funeral cars cost might sometimes have some additional or hidden charges when you rent from the funeral parlor/ home. There are other third party agencies from where one can rent a hearse and limousines for the funeral procession. The funeral car hire cost can go up to $1000 including the limousine, hearse and lead car. The funeral hearse cost alone can range anywhere between $200 and $450 for the funeral procession. The funeral cars cost when the car is rented from the mortuary might include additional charges if the distance crosses the said area limit of that funeral parlor/ home which is around 40-50 miles. So, if it exceeds that defined area then the funeral car hire cost will also increase for every additional mile traveled.

Some of the types of hearses used are a motorbike, tank hearse, vintage lorry/ cars, campervan, tractor, trailer, 4x4s, and SUVs. The funeral cars cost for each of these vehicles again has specific ranges depending on the model and decorations involved. One can do some research online as well to get the best funeral hearse cost in their neighborhood. It is also a wise choice to plan for a funeral in advance either for self or for a loved one to decide on the choice of vehicle and then take the time to look around for the best funeral car hire cost. Also, while considering a funeral transport, other than the transport of the deceased, one has to also consider if there are any disabled or very elderly members who would be attending the funeral and would require transportation. If there are a considerable number of such members, then again the funeral cars cost will be affected by this.

As one can see, with so many things to consider, it is definitely a wise choice to plan for a funeral in advance not to just to reduce or eliminate the funeral cars cost but to have peace of mind and the content of spending the last few hours with their loved one without any other disturbances.

Average Cremation Cost Increased by almost


% in last 15 years

Average Funeral Cost Increased by almost


% in last 15 years

Average Burial Cost Increased by almost


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