A Guide to the Most Attractive Tourist Places in Dubai

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A Guide to the Most Attractive Tourist Places in Dubai

If you’re planning a family vacation, a Dubai mall may be right for you. With indoor ski slopes, a snow park, and penguins, this mall is the perfect place to let kids burn some calories. Also, kids can explore Palm Island, the world’s largest artificial island, which was designed to look like a palm tree from above. Kids love this place so much that it’s been named “The World’s Best Family Attraction”! Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the best tourist places in Dubai.

Al Barsha

A functional neighborhood in the heart of Dubai, Al Barsha is known for the Mall of the Emirates and the Ski Resort. This neighborhood is also well connected by the metro and offers a low-cost accommodation option. The neighborhood has everything you need for a comfortable stay, from supermarkets to great local restaurants. And, since it is relatively new, you can enjoy great value for money. You should book a hotel in Al Barsha and get a good deal on staying here.

Downtown Dubai

There are many attractions and places to visit in Dubai. The Global Village is a tourist hub lit up at night with decorative bulbs. In addition to traditional Omani fashion, the Chinese pavilion is also home to colorful floral clothes and hand-carved artefacts. Visitors to Dubai can also enjoy a concert or a film festival in the Irish Village’s beer garden. Visiting Dubai’s Global Village is a must for those who enjoy the arts and culture and want to experience the world’s largest city.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

One of the key heritage sites in Dubai is the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. The neighborhood is filled with traditional wind towers, which tell Dubai’s life story before the seven emirates were established. Al Fahidi also has cultural activities and events that you should not miss. You will also find traditional rugs, pottery, and other traditional items. There is even a mosque in the neighborhood to experience a little of the old lifestyle here.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway. Stretching across seven kilometres of Arabian Gulf waters, this beach offers an easygoing atmosphere for everyone. You can enjoy the warm sky-blue water and white sand. Plus, there are plenty of water sports you can try out. You can even watch a race at the Burj al Arab hotel.