Extend Your Car’s Battery Life with These Simple Tips

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Boosting your battery is a good way to extend its life span. Besides, it can also help you check the electrical connections and check for corrosion and sulfate buildup. If you are unsure how to do this, you can use a baking soda and water solution to remove any corrosion. Then, loosen the nut that holds the negative cable. Gently twist and pull the battery terminal to disconnect the cable. If you find it difficult to loosen, you can use a battery terminal puller tool available in auto parts stores. Read here some useful tips for car battery replacement in Dubai.

Checking for corrosion:

When you replace your car battery, you may notice some corrosion around the terminals. This is completely normal and is a natural reaction to the elements. Using a car rust cleaner, you can prevent corrosion in these connecting parts. However, if you notice a lot of corrosion, this may signify that your battery is damaged. It may be leaking, or it could just be due to low inner fluid levels. To avoid corroding the battery terminals, clean them immediately after finding signs of corrosion.

Checking for sulfate build-up:

You should check for sulfate build-up in a battery every few months to maximise its life. A sulfated battery will not hold a charge as well as it should and may go dead before you expect it. Moreover, a sulfated battery will not start your car well and may cause dim headlights and weak AC.

Checking for loose electrical connections:

Firstly, check your vehicle’s negative battery cable. If the negative cable is loose, your car won’t start or run well. If your battery cable is tight, the car should start without hesitation. Check the connections as well. If any are loose, you can try re-attaching the clamps and battery cables. If necessary, use heat-shrink tubing or anti-corrosion spray to secure them. If that doesn’t fix the problem, consider buying new quality battery terminals.

Boosting the battery:

If your battery dies during a winter storm, you can quickly boost it to get it back up and running. However, you must be very careful when using jumper cables as they can damage electronic components in your car. For instance, a frozen battery may explode if you attempt to restart it with a jumper cable. You must also avoid touching the battery terminals with the jumper cable, which may damage your car’s battery.