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A funeral is a ritual/ service that is conducted for a dead person. It can be done prior to interment or after incineration. It is a way to recognize and honor the life of a loved one who has happened to pass away. A funeral not only celebrates the life of the person who passed away, but it also brings relief and peace to their family and friends who are mourning the loss. A funeral brings people together and it helps to ease their sorrow and to share the beautiful memories that they had with the person who passed away. The purpose of any funeral is to remember the deceased person and to comfort the mourning family.

Every religion has its own customs and ceremonies to honor the dead and to assist the families with their grief. Every religion and ethnic group has a way to remember the loved one whom they lost and say goodbye to them. Even the non-religious people follow one or the other procedure to honor the deceased, but it is not tied to any specific traditions or beliefs of any specific religion.

Humanist Funeral Traditionshumanist funeral

A humanist discards the idea of an afterlife and according to them, death marks the end of an individual’s existence. As per their belief, human beings are simply a part of nature and death is nature’s way of cleaning and clearing the path for a new life. Humanists believe that the experiences and memories of the deceased are etched into history. The deceased will live through these experiences and memories that his/ her loved ones held in their hearts for them.

Humanist funeral service is a non religious funeral service that is done for those who did not follow/ practice any specific religion. This service is not just an honorable farewell of the deceased, but it is a celebration of their life and legacy. This service helps the grieving members to offer their condolences as well as express their sorrow. There is no defined set of rituals or rules to follow for the humanist funeral service. The lack of traditions for non religious funeral service tends to make them very personalized. A typical humanist funeral service would consist of some inspiring readings and stories about the loved one who passed away. This is one common element ideally found in every non religious funeral service. The tribute section that the celebrant presents forms the heart of the humanist funeral service and it lasts between 15-20 minutes. It will include details shared by the deceased’s family and loved ones and also the final wishes of the deceased. The poems or readings of any non religious funeral service, whether they’re from any famous quotes or if they are written just for that particular service, have their own way of bringing all those who are grieving together during the service. The humanist funeral cost is comparatively less than the traditional funeral.

Non religious funeral services do usually follow the same format though they do not stick to any particular religious tradition. A humanist funeral service may have all or some of these sections:

  • An introductory music
  • An opening statement or welcome speech
  • Some views about life and death from the humanist point of view
  • Stories about the deceased from family and friends
  • Eulogy from one or two important people in the community
  • A moment of silence honoring the deceased
  • Thanking note
  • Final music (sometimes not included)

non religious funeral serviceIt is conducted by celebrants who are trained for humanist funeral service and it will not have any form of religious worship. The readings, hymns or poems that are read in remembrance of the deceased may have some religious references to add some meaning to the poem or the deceased person, but it will not have any religious importance. The emphasis of any non religious funeral service is always on the life of the deceased. There is no set rules or instructions for a humanist funeral service as it is exclusive to that individual. The celebrant will sit with the family of the deceased and come up with a unique and personalized service. Since each ceremony is unique and different, the humanist funeral cost is not a standard one.

The family members of the deceased will decide about the autopsy, embalming, and incineration of the deceased individual as there is no set script for non religious funeral service. This in turn also becomes the deciding factor of the humanist funeral cost depending on what are inclusions and exclusions of the service. A non religious funeral service can have an open or closed-coffer funeral or a funeral with the ashes of the deceased in some urn. Some new and popular humanist funeral services may have a ‘green interment’ or ‘eco-interments’. These natural interments place the deceased in a biodegradable pine box followed by a quick interment. Such non religious funeral services are usually held within 24 to 48 hours of death. This type of burial does not include embalming and so it will mostly be a closed coffer service. The humanist funeral cost depends on all these things mentioned above. Usually, the celebrant should be able to give you a clear idea of the expected humanist funeral cost for your requirements. We are also here to arrange the humanist funeral service at a cheaper cost.

Humanist Funeral Services

With the growing popularity of such non religious funerals, there are several agencies that help with humanist funeral service. The humanist funeral cost depends on a number of factors like the celebrant whom you chose to organize the funeral, the venue, and other inclusions. These services do not have any legal standing and so they can be held anywhere you choose. The celebrants from the agency will meet with the family of the deceased, sit for few hours to get the needed insight about the deceased and then discuss with the family about the various available choices for the service and how they would like to perform it. Then the celebrants come up with a customized script on the basis of these details and the requirements of the family. The celebrants whom you contact will be able to give you the exact humanist funeral cost from the start to the end of the ceremony. If there are any additional overheads, those will also be discussed by the celebrants with the family and the final humanist funeral cost will be agreed in advance. In general, the humanist funeral cost is somewhat similar to that of other traditional services of the funeral. If you want to know a proper estimate of humanist funeral cost, then contact us. We will give you all the details and also arrange the best humanist funeral service for you.

The non religious funeral service can be held in any venue. It can be at the house of the deceased, a funeral home or a crematorium. Some funerals are also held close to nature such as woodland interment sites or near seashores. In rare cases, the humanist funeral cost also plays an important part in deciding the venue of the service. Including the venue, non religious funerals are very personalized, whether it is a simple service or a full-fledged service and it reflects the deceased person’s life, taste, and wishes.

People opt for a humanist funeral because of the reason that they had previously been to a humanist funeral and got impressed by the meaningful and personalized service. Humanist funerals are also selected because they mirror the nature and wishes of the deceased most accurately. Even religious people feel that these humanist funeral services are just as touching as those people who are not as religious. Humanist funerals like every other funeral will have guests from different beliefs and to make everyone present comfortable and involved, humanist funerals also have some time for personal likeness. This gives a chance for those who want to pray to do so as well.

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